New Roads

Blagoevgrad is an artistic hub. People here live and breathe with theater plays, photo exhibitions and traditional dance festivals. The latest in a string of arts events is the painting exhibition “New Roads” organized by the American University in Bulgaria.

“New Roads” comprises of roughly 70 oil paintings by the prominent artists Prof. Nikolay Ruschukliev and Vladimir Spasenkov. The mostly medium-sized paintings, triumphs of color and shape, will grace the AUBG main building October 14- November 1, 2013.

Sweaty and in haste, Vladimir Spasenkov arrived in Blagoevgrad in the early sunny afternoon of October 14. He was carrying with him all the paintings, carefully enclosed in black plastic.  Without wasting even a second of his precious time, he entered the cool grand floor of AUBG main building and started unwrapping the fruits of three years of hard work.

“My first drawing was of my grandpa’s horse. I was three at that time. I love drawing horses and portraying their nobility and nimbleness,” Spasenkov said.

Since the fall of the Berlin wall, he has been living in the German capital for one main reason- the horses on the Brandenburg gate.

AUBG students and locals, alike, will have the pleasure to see and ponder over Spasenkov’s various interpretations of horses’ nature that he views as a “mirror to humans’ nature.”

Spasenkov could not contain his enthusiasm about the exhibition, as it is his first collaboration with Prof. Nikolay Ruschukliev. The two men met more than three years ago, when Spasenkov, fascinated by Ruschukliev’s painintgs, visited him in his studio in Sofia.

Prof. Nikolay Ruschukliev, 80, has been painting roads in their various meanings for quite some time now.

“I paint the road philosophically, the road within us, people, and the road we walk on, the road to certain people or away from them,” Ruschkliev said in an interview in early 2013.

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Hear what came to the minds of two exchange students at AUBG, Luc and Nicki, when they heard about “New Roads” for the frirst time: